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Pro/Con Issue Spot the Difference Answers

By Carter Hanson in Student News


Key for the Spot the Difference in February 2017 Issue

Spot the Difference Key


1. Colorado flag: C becomes O.

2. Referee's basketball becomes a soccer ball.

3. Fairview on wall becomes Airvie.

4. Home score number: 7 is added at beggining.

5. Clipboard pricetag disappears.

6. Water bottle disappears.

7. Player's shoes lose Nike logo in center and heel.

8. Hat color of audience member goes from red to blue.

9. 4 is filled in on 54 jersey.

10. Celing light disappears.

11. Reflection on floor disappears.

12. Framed jersey goes from 13 to 11.

13. Guy's coat disappears in the back right.

14. FHS emblem on player's pants disappears.

15. FHS becomes FHSS on far right floor.

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