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Prom hair problems? Here's your solution!

By Kerry Martin and Rachel Joyce in Student News

Can’t decide how to wear your hair for prom? Confused on how to pull off wearing your hair up to a dance? Check out the new and hottest prom hairstyle for 2012! Adapted from Lilith Moon’s Youtube video, this elegant updo is a sure to look beautiful in pictures and complete your prom look!First start out with your hair down, preferably air-dried and without any product in it. Loosely curl your hair with a large barrel curling iron or hot rollers. After your hair is curled (it can be messy as it will be going into a bun), secure it in a low ponytail with a clear or hair-colored elastic. To create a curled and elegant bun, start off by taking small sections of your ponytail (one or two curls) and twisting the ends together between your fingers. Select a small strand of hair from the bottom of the twist, holding tight and away from your head as you use the other hand to scrunch up the curl around that single strand. Bring the scrunched curl as close to your head near the base of the ponytail as possible, and wind up the rest of the strand, securing both the curl and the strand with a bobby pin. Continue this process until the entire ponytail is secured in small curls in a bun formation. Hairspray the bun and the rest of your hair to ensure that it stays in place as you dance the night away. To add extra flare to your bun, consider adding accessories like headbands, jewels or flowers to the curly updo.For more ideas on prom hair styles, see Lilith Moon’s Youtube Channel at

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