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Proper Ways to Celebrate 4/20

By Owyn Cooper in Humor

This is it. This is the hallowed weekend when April the twentieth is upon us. Living in Boulder, we all probably have some ideas already on how to spend our time that day. But I’m not talking about those ones. I’m talking about PROPER ways to spend this Sunday.

  1. Plant 420 Trees The world is dying, kids. And we need all the oxygen we can get. By planting four hundred and twenty trees, we can save the wilderness and increase the oxygen in the air by 83% (source from the Totally Legitimate Air Fund Place).
  2. Paint 420 Easter Eggs Easter is also on Sunday, if you happen to be of that denomination. Heck, even if you aren’t, painting eggs is so much fun. Think of all the designs you could do! Pink with flowers, green with a certain leaf on it, red with a knight on it. Possibilities are endless.
  3. Read 420 Books Do the 4/20 Reading Challenge and use your books, and not just for rolling certain things with their paper! Stimulate your brain cells rather than kill them! Read all the books! Don’t snort marijuana!
  4. Spend 420 Hours on a Video Game or Netflix Binge-playing and binge-watching things are the best ways to those things. Put on your old-person diaper and sit around playing Call of Duty or Breaking Bad.

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