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Psych is back! (SPOILERS)

By Owyn Cooper, David Sachs in Arts & Culture

And it is BACK! Psych returned for its seventh on February 27th, 2013 after a very interesting cliffhanger to end season 6.From what I’ve read in the gossip sites, Gus gets a new chick, something bad happens to Shawn and Juliet, and I think Marlowe gets released from prison! (Obviously, these aren’t vague at all.)I generally liked the season 7 premiere. I was glad to see that Henry was okay and that Shawn was all vigilante to catch the guy who shot him. And I liked the part where they blew up the Cranberry, after destroying the Blueberry.Unfortunately, I’ve noticed Juliet kind of decline in awesomeness since the season 5 finale. Understandably, she was attacked by a serial killer. I still kind of miss the detective she used to be. But she brought it back when she shot the criminal near the end so I was very ecstatic.

And they brought back that crazy stalker chick who likes elderly men from that one Season 6 episode. Her appearance was funny at first, but then it quickly got old.

But overall I am excited for the new season. Hope you guys are too!

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