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Rant & Reactions - Weekly Political Update 10/4/17

By Carter Hanson in Opinion & Politics


I am utterly disgusted by the recent mass shooting at a country music concert in Las Vegas. The devastation of this blatant act of terrorism cannot be understated and our hearts and minds are with the victims of the attack.

However, praying for the victims is not enough, and as American citizens we have a duty to take action.

We have a serious problem in America with mass shootings and gun violence. From the school shooting in Greencastle, PA in 1764, to the recent Las Vegas shooting only a few days ago, gun massacres have been a part of the American Experience. In the last few years, though, we have seen a surge in the number of such terrorist attacks and little to no action to combat future tragedies.

The way to combat this pandemic of violence is gun control.

I do not propose that we confiscate everyone's guns or make it impossible to purchase them; I say that we legislate common sense into our gun laws. This means background checks, mandatory waiting periods, and banning of assault rifles, machine guns, and other ridiculously powerful firearms.

This has been proven to work over and over, in every other developed nation. From Australia to Singapore, France to the UK, nations have watched the number of mass shootings rise and have taken action in the form of comprehensive gun control. And the results have been nothing but positive.

In Australia, following the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre where 35 people were killed, sweeping gun control was implemented, and since 1996, the risk of dying by gunshot decreased by over 50%.

I call on all of you, my fellow American citizens, to do everything you can to make gun control permanent legislation within our nations established set of values. Call your senator, call your representative, go out and protest, and, more importantly than anything else, go out and vote.

59 people were killed on Sunday. Over 500 were injured. A man with 23 automated rifles was able to pour gunfire onto a crowd of people who were just listening to music. Children were attacked. Every person in the crowd that day will be scarred for life.

Having to do a background check when you get a gun or having to take classes on proper gun use are the least we can do to avoid massacres of Americans within America.


America has a choice: continue allowing its citizens to be gunned down mercilessly, or to put a little common sense in our legislation and put gun control into law.

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