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Red Issue Spot the Difference Answers

By Noah Finer in Multimedia


The Red Issue's Spot the Difference

1) A Fairview logo shorts to the right side are gone and replaced with an RB logo

2) The orange Gatorade box in the background's label is changed from "GSeries 02" to "GSeries 01"

3) The Nike logos on player to the left's shoes have changed to green

4) The Nike logo on O'Neill's shirt has switched location

5) A cheerleader on the far right doesn’t have glasses anymore

6) An A on a crowd member's shirt is now a Z

7) A jacket is gone from a chair

8) A left bolt is gone on a chair below the jacket chair (I'm so sorry)

9) The GSeries 01 text gone from the reflection of the orange Gatorade box

10) A basketball in the shadows on the bottom right is replaced with a soccer ball



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