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Restaurant review: Tee and Cakes

By Kali Crossen and Alex Flynn in Arts & Culture

Like bacon? rootbeer? chai? coconut? Ever tried it in a cupcake? Tee Cakes is dedicated to baking cupcakes that make even the most unexpected flavors taste good.

When you walk into Tee Cakes on Pearl Street the first thing you will see are rows and rows of elaborately decorated cupcakes. Each labeled with a witty name according to the flavor. Some cupcakes like the, “Coke Float,” are adorned with candy or other sugary toppings. The, “Chocolate Mint,” cupcake is colored minty green with a lopsided ice cream cone on the top.

The cupcake’s consistency is fluffy and delicious and the icing tastes great as well. For some, the frosting may be too thick compared to the proportion of the cake. You may find yourself scraping the excess butter cream or cream cheese frosting onto a napkin after one bite but when your cupcake is finished you won’t be able to resist eating it.

All of the flavors are tempting and there are too many to try in one visit. If you want to try more than one of the unique cupcakes the shop has mini sizes in the same flavors. The mini cupcakes are half the price of the larger ones and they can be a little on the expensive side if you buy too many. However, for the taste and the experience, Tee Cakes is well worth it.

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