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Restaurant review: The Dushanbe Tea House

By Kali Crossen in Arts & Culture

The architecture of the Dushanbe Tea House on 13th St. in Boulder is as old as the city it came from. Every wall was hand painted and hand crafted in Tajikistan then shipped to its current location in Boulder. When you walk up the pathway (which is normally surrounded by overgrown rose bushes) and look up at the colorful exterior, you will be amazed.

The ceiling of the Tea House is something to marvel at as well. A hostess will promptly meet you at the door and ask you where in the restaurant you would like to sit. There are numerous options for seating, including tables by a koi pond in the center and tables where chairs are replaced with pillows near one corner of the building.

The eclectic menu has authentic dishes of both Asian and European influence. The Thai Crab Cakes and Indian Samosas have unique flavors and are excellent choices. The crab cakes are pretty spicy, but the side dish of cucumbers will cool you off. The samosas are similar, but they are served with a sweet mango chutney sauce.

However, before you order any food, you will want to look at the tea menu. The restaurant is named the Tea House for a reason, after all.

There are over 100 types of tea on this menu and each is cultivated in a different way. If you have trouble narrowing down your options, order the “Monkey Picked” Oolong Tea, which (as myth has it) is harvested by monkeys. Although it may be a myth, the story behind the tea is that monkeys used to harvest the leaves because only they could reach the height at which the leaves grew. The tea is very fragrant and is deliciously nutty and creamy.

The prices on the tea and food menus are reasonable, ranging from $6 to $22. Overall, the Dushanbe Tea House is a great place to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the best cup of tea in Boulder.

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