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Review of "The Glee Project"

By Miah Yager in Arts & Culture

A whole lot of people watched "Glee" nonstop, watched their favorite characters in the "Glee" concert, and listened to their songs, but there is a new show about "Glee," "The Glee Project."

"The Glee Project" has 12 contestants join together to review a homework assignment (it's more song-based music then school work) like you see in the graphic. During all of this is drama and showing personal stories to share, which makes it the best show because it shows how us fans can get on the series.

So many are wondering, "What do you think about this show, Miah?" Well let's see, the "Glee" cast is in the show, the hit songs that we see on "Glee" are back, another round of crazy drama is in store, and the competition is back on track.

Here are some facts you need to know about last week's episode:

Most people want Damian to win. 129 thousand people want Damian. 58 thousand people want Samuel. 39 thousand people want Lindsay. 17 thousand people want Alex. Some people will think Lindsay will win because of her talent, but she said that Damian will win.

If you want to know more, go on Facebook, and find out more about them by typing in their name in the search bar and from there you can just click on their face and find the info. If you still want more, click here for the "Glee Project" website.

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