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Ric Maurer Fills the Role as Fairview's New Athletic Trainer

By Alex Flynn in Sports

Fairview’s new Athletic Trainer Ric Maurer has never worked in a high school before but brings lots of knowledge and hands on experience to the position.

Prior to the job at Fairview, Maurer worked with athletes from Indiana Wesleyan University and the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. “I was working for the University as a graduate assistant athletic trainer with the university’s club sports teams like rugby, lacrosse, ice hockey, volleyball, soccer and etc.,” said Maurer when asked about his previous athletic training experience.

Maurer found out about the position at Fairview through the Boulder Community Hospital. “After applying to the hospital, they contacted me that they had a position opening up to be the athletic trainer at Fairview and I was excited to get the job,” said Maurer.

Beginning to get comfortable as Fairview’s athletic trainer Maurer says he doesn’t have any large changes in mind for the department but does want to make the athletic training room more Fairview spirited.

“I think it could use some FHS Knights painted on the wall,” said Maurer.

Having never worked with high school athletes before Maurer has already realized the differences of working with younger athletes. “Since the athletes are under 18, I need to talk with and get consent to treat from parents,” said Maurer about differences he has noticed since working with older athletes. Athletic trainers at high schools are needed in multiple places at once said Maurer. His decision on where to be when is based on the risk of injury for each sport. “I spend a lot of time with football because of the high contact nature of the sport and the high risk of a major injury occurring,” said Maurer. Maurer views every athlete with the same importance and loves getting to know the students. Maurer also says that his favorite part of his job is getting to see the athletes return to their sport after injuries.

Maurer also encourages any student interested in becoming an athletic trainer to visit him in the training room.

“If any students want to swing by the athletic training room or join me at practice and observe or learn what being an athletic trainer is all about I’m up for it!” said Maurer.

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