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RIP Club Penguin

By Arshan Aidun and Ryan Swerdlin in Humor


There comes a time in everyone’s life when someone they love passes on to a better afterlife. Not this time; this time it went to a worse life. You spend hours and hours, for days and days with them, think about them year after year, and the memories come flooding back. You went sledding, you went minecart riding, surfing, dancing with your pets, and maybe even saved lives with them. When you were alone you went fishing, and for work you delivered coffee beans. These are all memories you and your friends, everyone you knew, had with them.

Today we lost Club Penguin. I know it comes as a big shock, but Disney had warned us, and we all waited for the inevitable. It went down, and down for good. 

Since it has been gone, Disney has made a new game for mobile devices called Club Penguin Island, but it is nearly as good. In fact the depressing mood that the termination of the original has put us in has made us quit the mobile version from the membership offer sign up page. As we all know, not all heros wear capes, and there are those ambitious few who have tried to “rewrite” the original, but it just is not the same.

What will happen next can only be imagined, and we can only hope for to be good. As for that terribly rated new Island game? Who cares anymore… As time passes by, although it will be difficult, we might just get over it. RIP Club Penguin.

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