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Rockies Season Review... So Far

By Jakob Olsen in Sports

Offense:  C+.  The Rockies are slumping a little bit early, but have picked it up in the last couple games in the Giants series, especially in the second game of the series where the Rockies notched 22 hits and eclipsed 17 total runs.  Michael Cuddyer has led the way so far in hitting for the rockies in virtually every category.  He leads the team in average, hitting .375, doubles with 5 and slugging percentage at .708. There’s no doubt the offense isn’t at its best right now.  Tulo and Cargo will eventually come around and this offense will be like it was predicted to be in the preseason.

Defense: B-.  I give them this grade right now just because it’s early in the year and with Gold Glove award winners all around the field the Rockies will probably be at the top of the league as usual in fielding percentage.  Right now with a lot of inexperience at 3rd base its hard to give them a great grade in this category.

Pitching: D. We all knew coming into the season that this would be the Rockies downfall.  “Sure they can hit and field, but can they pitch,” everyone would ask.  So far they can’t.  With the only consistent pitcher being ace, Jeremy Guthrie, the Rockies have struggled.  The bullpen has blown a lead going into the 8th once already and 3 out of the 4 starters in the rotation have an ERA over 4.  Even though Guthrie has the only win on the staff he has an ERA over 7.  This is not a good sign.

If the Rockies are going to succeed this season they are going to have to pick it up.  Especially with pitching.  If this happens they have a good shot at winning a weak NL West.

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