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Seemingly annoying TCAPs are brimming with perks

By Ella Jenak in Opinion & Politics

Standardized testing is generally seen as the bane of any student’s existence: the tediousness of filling in hundreds of multiple choice bubbles, the stress of the time constraint it places on test takers and the extensive amount of time this form of testing requires all contribute to its bad reputation. Fortunately, the TCAPs, while still the epitome of standardized testing (all students in Colorado public schools are asked to take them) provide more benefits for students than drawbacks.

Primarily, the TCAPs mean less homework, something that every busy student can appreciate. Because of the abnormal schedule the testing creates, students spend less time in each class, meaning less curriculum is covered, and ultimately causing less homework to be assigned.

The unusual schedule also means students have more more time off to tackle any homework they have in the library, or do something fun off campus. For example, a student with 6th period off would have a whopping 3 hours off on the 2 upcoming Fridays with TCAP schedule!

Some ideas for passing your forthcoming extensive amounts of free time are:

Do your homework - when you get home you won’t have any left to do! Go to Pearl Street or 29th Street with a group of friends - you’ll have enough time to eat and shop, or see a movie if you please. Go to a friend’s house (or your own) and watch a movie or play video games (Wii “Just Dance” party anyone?). Go for a walk around the lake in the approaching spring weather.

In addition to the increase in free time, another small, yet delicious perk of TCAP testing is the free snacks that students are given in the break between testing sessions (last year test-takers munched on Sun Chips and veggie straws). Honestly, who doesn't love free junk food?

The final, most important benefit of students taking the TCAPs is that they can gain funding for Fairview; funding that pays for school supplies that students enjoy the benefits of every day. When students do not take the TCAPs, their lack of participation is not simply ignored, rather it brings down Fairview's score as a school.

Although standardized testing can be annoying and seems like a waste of time, it in fact earns Fairview students more free time, less homework, free snacks (yum!) and last but not least, funding for Fairview.

TCAP Schedule:

Tuesday: 8:05-11:55 CSAP 12:00-12:40 Lunch 12:45-1:20 1st Period 1:25-2:00 3rd Period 2:05-2:40 5th Period 2:45-3:20 7th Period

Wednesday: 8:05-11:55 CSAP 12:00-12:40 Lunch 12:45-1:20 2nd Period 1:25-2:00 4th Period 2:05-2:40 6th Period 2:45-3:20 8th Period

Thursday: 8:05-9:25 1st Period 9:30-10:50 3rd Period 10:55-12:30 Make-Ups Lunch 12:35-1:55 5th Period 2:00-3:20 7th Period

Friday: 8:05-9:25 2nd Period 9:30-10:50 4th Period 10:55-12:30 Make-Ups Lunch 12:35-1:55 6th Period 2:00-3:20 8th Period

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