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Senior spends Veterans Day studying for CMAS Test

By Ben Gelderloos in Humor

Senior Jarvis McTilton breathed a sigh of relief last Monday when he remembered that Tuesday’s Veterans Day would give him a few more precious hours to study for the Colorado Measures of Academic Success or CMAS exams.


“I have only had 7 hours of sleep in the last week,” said McTiltin, “I just can’t study enough for these tests that will have such a large impact on my future.”


With Tuesday off and the mornings of Thursday and Friday open before the test, seniors are getting some much needed time to study for the CMAS exam. However, McTilton still argues that it is not enough time to study to an acceptable level.


“I have put my college application process on hold and my grades are falling fast from all of my studying,” he said. “So the state or school district should at least give students Monday and Wednesday off.”


The library and nurse’s office have been plagued in the past few weeks with seniors dedicated to success in the CMAS at any cost.


“I don’t know,” said senior Julia Edworths, “I kind of like preparing for so many standardized tests during high school. It’s so much better than playing sports, participating in community activities, or even spending time with my friends and family.”


Publishers of study guides for the test have seen tens of thousands of orders roll in for highly valued CMAS study material and are struggling to keep it in stock.


“Look how beautiful it is,” said McTilton showing his limited-edition autographed CMAS study guide. ”It even has a forward explaining why it’s good to take time and money away from schools for standardized testing.”


McTilton dreams of high test scores to help his chances of success in the future.


“I can see it now. I open the letter in my mailbox and there it is! A perfect score,” he said, “It won’t help me with colleges, of course, because they won’t be able to see my scores, but I think the satisfaction of doing well will outweigh all of the valuable time that I have been putting into studying now.”


When asked about honoring American veterans and current men and women serving in the armed forces for Veterans Day instead of studying, McTilton insisted on ending the interview to study his sophomore biology notes for the test.

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