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Seniors Taking Alternate Routes

By Sharone Goldman in Student News

In the last 2013-2014 issue of the Royal Banner, we interviewed seniors taking gap years, alternatives to college, or attending college overseas. We were not able to include all responses we received; here they are in their entirety.


1.What program are you doing after high school?

  1. How long does this program last?
  2. What motivated/inspired you to take a different route than many of your classmates?
  3. What are you most excited for?
  4. What do you plan on doing after the program?

Reah Peleg:

  1. I'm doing a program called Garin Tzabar, it's a program where a group of kids including myself move back to Israel and serve in the military

  2. This program last around 3 years

  3. Everyone in my family and in Israel has to serve in the military, and I felt like that is my duty to do the same 4.Serving in the military 5.Travel around the world

Nevo Peleg:

  1. I will be studying at the Lauder School of  Government and Strategic Diplomacy in the Raphael Recanati School which is part of IDC (the Interdisciplinary Center) outside of Tel Aviv, Israel.

  2. I will be earning my degree in three years.

  3. N/A

  4. I'm most excited to be living in a different country, close to my family (whom all live in Israel) and of course being close to the beach.

  5.  After I get my degree I plan  on enlisting in the Israeli Defense Forces

Trevor Cates:

  1. I'm not doing a certain program. I'm going to be taking an internship with a company my dad works for. It’s called Savory institute, it’s a company that brings dead grasslands back to life
  2. I'm going to be gone in 5 countries all year
  3. I don't know what I want to do in college yet and I didn't want to waste the time and money in school if I'm not sure what I want to go to school for.
  4. I'm extremely excited for traveling the world and living in different cultures. I'm going to be traveling to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sweden, Argentina, and Chile
  5. After I'm done, I'm hoping my trip will help me find out what I want to do in college.

Erin Gillespie:

  1. I was recently accepted into a working abroad program starting July 2014, in New Zealand. I will be working as an Au Pair and living with a host family in New Zealand’s big city, Auckland. As an au pair, I'm expected to help care for the children, take them to and from school and other activities and help with them with homework. In exchange, my host family provides my room and board, plus a weekly salary. I'll also have lots of free time throughout the week and on my weekends off to explore Auckland and other parts of New Zealand with other Au Pairs in the area. My host family, who have two little girls (ages 7 and 10,) also want me to join them for many of their vacations throughout the year, as they are just as eager to show me around their country.

  2. I will be living and working for my host family for 8 to 9 months.

  3. I have always had an affinity for travel. I lived in India for a short period of time when I was 10 years old, which really opened my eyes at a young age to the reality that there is more to the world than just Boulder. Ever since returning from that, I've wanted to continue seeing and experiencing the world as much as I can. I also feel like this is one of the best times in my life to take advantage of an opportunity like this. I don’t have student debt from college and I am not tied down by a job with limited vacation days.

  4. I am really excited to travel up to the Bay of Islands with my host family. Their grandmother has a little farm right by the beach and from the pictures they have sent me, it looks absolutely gorgeous! I am also really excited to learn Rugby, my host dad is apparently really into it along with the rest if the country. I think it will be a really cool cultural thing to learn about and experience. Oh and the sheep! I really like sheep.

  5. I plan on attending UNC in Northern Colorado as an Elementary Education Major when I return for Fall of 2015 and plan taking advantage of their study abroad programs.

Chelsey Wiley

1) I will be attending Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano, Switzerland 2) I will attend all four years of undergrad at Franklin. 3) I have had many opportunities to meet people abroad and have many friends around the world. I want to study International Relations and work for US Foreign Affairs. I hope to become fluent in all of the Swiss languages: Italian, French and German. 4) I am very excited for the academic travel at the university! Two weeks every semester I will have the opportunity to travel to other countries and take classes there. 5) I plan on receiving my masters in DC after I graduate Franklin. I also hope to intern on Capitol Hill.

Ella Ratliff

  1. I'm doing a program called Thinking Beyond Borders.

  2. It goes from September till April.

  3. I decided to do this program because it focuses on global issues and ways we can help better the world. I know I want to study international relations or global issues in college and am hopping this program will help my narrow my focus on this topic. I also believe it is important to see the world and understand different cultures and ways of life.

  4. I'm excited for the entire trip! The only thing I'm not excited for is the 27 different flights I will be on because I'm terrified of flying.

  5.  I'm enrolled at CU Boulder for the following year.

Katie Cunningham:

  1. The program is called Thinking Beyond Borders.
  2. It lasts 30 weeks (or about 8 months.)
  3. I wanted to take a break from the traditional school setting so that I could explore more of my interests and regain an excitement for learning.
  4. I'm most excited to be able to see other parts of the world and experience other cultures!  I'm also really excited to go to Angkor Wat in Cambodia because that is something I have always wanted to do.
  5. I will be attending University of Puget Sound, beginning in the fall of 2015.

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