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Siran Jiang discusses President Obama's Wednesday speech on education

By Siran Jiang in Opinion & Politics

President Obama delivered his third annual back-to-school speech, played live in our very own library viewing room and room 661 yesterday. This speech was announced to the school that day and information emailed to members of National Honor Society as well as Youth in Government club to encourage students to try to catch it live or sometime they can.

A few members showed up two days ago to see his live speech yesterday and many more that night when they went home.

These events are extremely important for student political engagement. For me personally, being a senior in high school who is one of many to turn 18 just in time for the 2012 presidential election, I find this speech directly pointed toward my age group. This time, president Obama emphasized the importance of not only going to college but graduating from college as well. For a population of future voters in the time of piles of college applications and important decisions, Obama stressed the importance of the academic responsibilities that high school students currently carry for the future U.S. For students of Youth in Government club that were especially encouraged to listen to what Obama had to say, he highlighted the importance of already taking the initiative to make a difference in the world.

This year, president Obama did not put as much as emphasis on the younger student population. However, he did talk about every person having the moment when they can’t succeed at everything. He described that the effort to keep trying and keep working at something that is especially difficult is what is truly important. This statement is directed to the entire student population and is something that everyone can take to heart.

The goal of playing President Obama’s speech live was to encourage more Fairview students to actively participate in our political climate. Clubs like Youth in Government and societies such as NHS are windows in which students can take opportunities offered to them and involve themselves in the world outside of school, whether in the political climate, through community service, or through scientific research.

Next year, lets hope to have even more students gathered together to listen!

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