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Spirit Week!

By Avery Monette, David Hirschhorn and Sage Rose in Student News


Picture by Avery Monette

Hey Fairview, we’ve got some breaking news for you: it is Spirit Week! While we have already had one Spirit Week this year, it is a bit of a surprise to have two Spirit Weeks in one semester but students really seem to be enjoying the first day of it so far.

If you didn’t know or need clarification this is the schedule for Spirit Week:


Monday: Ski Day

Tuesday: Flannel Day

Wednesday: Ugly Sweater Day

Thursday: Pajama Day

Friday: Holiday Sock Day


Typically Spirit Weeks are held before dances but this is an added Spirit Week to take the pressure off school before finals. So far, the turnout has been pretty good for this Ski Day but we look to see more cool costumes throughout this week. After polling a few Fairview students, Holiday Sock Day seems to be the most popular Spirit Day but all seem to be cool ideas.


Also, a quick public service announcement is that there are NO block days this week. So long Fairview, we look to see you participating in Spirit Week. Don’t get too stressed over finals week!

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