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Spirit Week: Kick Off The New School Year!

By Emi Ambory in Student News


Student Council serves food to student body at Homecoming Carnival

The week of October 9th, organized and branded as “Spirit Week” by Student Council, held a collection of free events accessible to the whole student body.

“The purpose is to really promote the Fairview spirit leading up to homecoming,” said junior class President, Anya Aidun.

“We have so many events, so many things to get the student body excited for the dance… the barbeque, the carnival, the football game, the pep rally, the assembly,” said junior Thomas Huebler, a member of Student Council.

This year, Student Council introduced new activities, such as organizing dodgeball games during the dances. In correlation with the student body’s “Take Back The Knight” initiative, abbreviated “TBTK,” student council hoped to shift the atmosphere of the organized events by promoting more responsible behavior in light of issues of substance abuse at dances.

In order to promote the new “TBTK Dance,” each homecoming ticket included the cost of admission of both dances as well as free food at the carnival and barbecue which was a change from previous years.

Aidun helped organized this year’s barbecue with senior Eva Cursley, junior Alex Chamberlin, sophomore Didi Bulow and junior Ray McVicker. Together, they orchestrated a two hour cook-out of burgers and hot dogs, all set to the beat of Cursley’s playlist of top hits.

“The barbecue is a time to eat some good food and have a really good time with the students of Fairview and the faculty,” said Aidun.

Huebler organized the Homecoming Carnival with Sonia Volgunin, a junior in Student Council. He described this all-day event of music, games, and grilling similarly as Aidun did the Homecoming Barbeque.

“The carnival [is] for students to come out in the horseshoe and enjoy the sunshine, the food, and the games that different clubs put together,” said Huebler.

Tuesday after school, as well as all day Thursday, students took to the front of the school to enjoy the free food and music.

“These events are a time to make memories for all the grades. Even though we’re all separate, it’s a time to come together as one,” said freshman Kate Ironside.

However, some students see these events not just as community building activities, but as reminders that students are more than their schoolwork.

Sophomore Haley Sommer said, “The carnival is one of those things that represents Fairview as more than just academics.”

This year’s events, just like many before it, were widely attended and well received. 

"We sold over 900 [Homecoming event combo] tickets", said Senior Tamara Wurman, who oversaw ticket sales. 

“As a senior, I feel, after several years of [homecoming celebrations], these are the things I look forward to the most,” said senior Sarah Million-Perez.

However, sophomore Megan Heilbron did have one complaint regarding the music.
“I asked for High School Musical,” she said. “They didn’t give me that.”

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