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Stories That Will Make You Laugh

By Benjamin Tarasewicz in Humor


I am out of commission these days as I injured my knee. So, I’ve been hanging out in my “temporary nursing home” (resting on the sofas of the main office). I love humor and jokes, so I’m interviewing various teachers and friends for their funny stories. Here are some of these stories:

One day I interviewed one of my choral directors, Michael Bizzaro. “I direct a choir that’s made up of all men first thing in the morning. It can be quite difficult for men to sing that early in the day when they haven’t drunk enough water and their voice is not warmed up quite yet. We are currently rehearsing some really advanced music that involves lots of high notes for some of the guys. We’ve had some pretty awesome high vocal cracks which sound quite funny, and it stimulates laughter in the choir room, which brightens everyone’s day. Humor has a part everywhere in the Fine Arts Department, especially in singing; you have your very own voice, and it can be a super scary and vulnerable experience to share that with other people. So humor can really help lighten things up.”

Then, he shared a few choir jokes: 1.) “How many sopranos does it take to change a lightbulb? One, to stand around the light fixture and wait for the world to revolve around her!” 2.) “How many altos does it take to change a lightbulb? One alto and the rest of the sopranos to tell them it’s too high for them!”

I also interviewed my other choral director, Janice Vlachos, who always has so many fascinating things to share from her 22 years of directing.

“One of the best moments was when Warren sang the song, ‘Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat,’ and he threw in a high b-flat and the whole room started screaming because it was so amazing. And then he walked away, and everyone was clapping and laughing,” she said. “Then he came back on and continued the song, just like he had never stopped. The whole room went ballistic.”

One of my very dear friends, Sophomore Jillian Shively, shared at another point: "I was sitting in French class one day, and my French teacher asked us what we did over the weekend. Then, she asked us if we sent a 'quee-quee!'. Everyone had blank looks on their faces, and was like 'what did she say?'. Then, she said 'quee-quee!' again. We were just so confused, because we didn't even know what our French teacher was talking about. She said, 'you know, like 'quee-quee!''. And we were all looking at each other like 'what is happening?'. Little did we know, that 'quee-quee' is 'tweet-tweet' (like a bird) in French! Then, the teacher asked us if we were on Twitter, but the entire class had no idea. So, when she went around the class saying 'quee-quee!' in a high-pitched voice, we all started laughing because we had NO idea that it meant sending a tweet on Twitter."

I always hope to collect more funny stories in the future, especially since many students consider school to be a drag, and putting a smile on one’s day can make all the difference in the world!

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