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By Cameron Walsh in Opinion & Politics

Each day, hundreds upon hundreds of people sit down with friends and family, recounting stories from days prior. Stories of horror, war, love, and kindness are passed on from friend to friend, student to teacher, generation to generation. Many of these stories have been lost to the ages, but what if I told you there was a way to preserve a ten minute story about you! A story that not only is saved in the U.S National Archives but easily available for you to access.


Enter Storycorps, an app on your phone. What this app essentially does is records a conversation between two people while also having a wide variety of question to ask and to answer. These files can then be saved and are also instantly routed to the U.S National Archives.


You might be asking yourself, so why should we care? Well, soon enough the Royal Banner is going to start its very own series of Storycorps, where we go around and try to garner as many stories of Fairview students as possible! With these stories we hope to record the voices of an entire generation so that they can have this data archive at their fingertips in the months, years, and decades to come.


Have a Storycorps you’d like to share with us? Email me at to share your own Storycorps!

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