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Student Stuck in 600 Hallway Intersection for Two Hours

By Noah Finer in Humor


The hall that houses the dangerous intersection

Freshman George White was rescued fifth period in the 600 hallway intersection last Thursday after lying on the ground for over two hours from sustained injuries caused by the crowds and ERT’s difficulty retrieving him.

“There were hundreds of people running, shoving into me and having absolutely no respect for me being a living, biological being,” said White. “It seemed like my life was less important than them getting to their next class a few seconds earlier.”

After the third period bell rang, ERT was called in to help rescue White, but they unfortunately mistook him for another student, sophomore Linda Roberts, who had aso fainted from the chaos.

“I was so thankful that I was being saved from the stampede,” said Linda Roberts. “But I couldn’t do anything for the other student who no one noticed lying on the ground.”

Another rescue mission was sent in during the end of third period, but the bell rang and ERT was trapped by the mob of students.

“It was simply too pressure much for us,” said ERT member Carol Perez. “We had to bail out and hope that whoever was left on the floor might be alright.”

Onlookers tried to see if they could help during the incident, but most were unable due to fear of the intersection.

“I saw George not moving on the floor near those tables, and, I mean, I totally felt bad,” said junior William Stewart. “But I felt unsafe walking through the seemingly empty intersection with the possibility of some freshman darting from a blind spot in a corner and crushing me.”

Once White became conscious again, he was eventually able to muster the strength to climb underneath the table before the passing period. He was eventually spotted by social studies teacher Paula Martin during fifth period, who was moving the table for her class.

“Our class needed to move that 600 hall table for a group activity,” said Martin. “So when we noticed the panicked freshman underneath it, we lifted him up and some seniors brought him to the front office.”

White spent two days in the hospital and returned to school the next Monday. Fortunately, he took away valuable lessons from the experience.

“I learned to avoid that mess of an intersection at all costs,” said White. “I just hope I don’t have any classes in rooms 627 or 626...”

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