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Students Create New and Improved Fairview Website

By Katie Steen in Student News

A full one-and-a-half years ago, Fairview alumnus Alexander Atallah rekindled the Web Team in the hopes of developing a new Fairview website independent of what the district mandates. Now, the Web Team consists mainly of seniors Ryan Atallah, Ved Topkar, and Carson Kahn, who have been working non-stop for the past year and a half to get the website up and running.

It took the team some time to convince the district that Fairview students, with the help of a few staff members, were capable of putting a website together and making it sustainable. According to Ved Topkar, the Web Team had to “convince them [BVSD tech members] that we were fit to do the task and eventually obtain the approval to do so, and that was a pretty significant hurdle we had to overcome.” The district may have had their doubts, but anyone who has been to the new site can see that there was absolutely no reason to doubt the Web Team. The Web Team also ran into quite a few technological problems on the way. Atallah, Topkar and Kahn wanted to set up their own server at Fairview so that they could have full control, but because of security concerns they were given a small amount of space on BVSD’s server, thus somewhat restricting their access. Another obstacle they overcame was the fact that there is nothing made by a third party on the site. In other words, everything on the site from the what we interact with to the actual software and programming in the background is built from scratch by our own students. This means that everything is made with incredible precision and custom-tailored to Fairview. When asked what the greatest improvement was from the old Fairview site, Kahn and Topkar snickered for a few moments before answering, honestly, “Everything!” These guys weren’t trying to brag, they have truly worked on it all. The Web Team has worked so hard to update the site and fix any problem, whether it be tiny and insignificant or very important, that everything has been updated in some way.

“We monitored website traffic, everything from the browser, to how long people were on a page, to where they clicked on a page for four months," said Kahn,  "enough time to get a real sense of how people who go to Fairview and work at Fairview use the website.” It is this dedication and perseverance that makes the Web Team such heroes in the Fairview community. The Web Team is particularly excited about the feature of student account capabilities. Students can now log in with their own unique username and password and have a personalized version of the website to work with. The new Fairview website is everything a high school student could want: helpful, clear, and aesthetically pleasing, and there is more yet to come. The Web Team plans to keep working hard until all of the work is done, and will perhaps have to pass down their legacy to students who will still be here next year. These students have worked extraordinarily hard for half of their high school career to make a site that will please everyone.

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