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Students should take required tests

By Kali Crossen in Opinion & Politics

CSAPs (now called TCAPs) are to be taken by all freshman and sophomores in two weeks this coming March. Last year a record high of absences during CSAP testing week was reported. The test doesn't count for any participation or semester grades. To the average high school student there is no real incentive to attend CSAPs. Creative excuses including everything from doctor's notes to parent complaints were formed and allowed students to miss the testing. Some students just simply ditched on the days of CSAPs. Makeups were held in the library and attendance was meant to be mandatory, however, people disregarded this notion. The importance of CSAP testing is unknown to the majority of students and Fairview should be informed. The scores of the tests determine how much of a budget Fairview receives for school costs. If the average scores are high Fairview will have more opportunities to broaden class curriculum and courses offered. Budget cuts could result in a decline in the quality of education. The point of attending high school for four years is to get the best education possible in order to guarantee a successful future. So without even realizing, you are affecting your future negatively when you carelessly make the decision to skip CSAPs.

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