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Students Walk Out in Protest of Presidential Election Results

By Sara McCrea and Grace Hedlund in Student News


Students walk out of classes in protest

At 1:30, hundreds of Fairview students walked out of their fifth period classes to protest the results of the presidential election.

Principal Don Stensrud said the students that walked out of their fifth period classes will not be placed in detention, but they will have unexcused absences from their teachers.

“They’re exercising their right to do civil disobedience...I’m a big fan of activism,” said Stensrud. “I’d much rather have student groups lining up on the bricks tomorrow morning getting students signed up to vote in the next election, putting down the grassroots to put change into our society.”

After the Boulder High walkout this morning, Fairview students planned the walk-out over social media. They made posters with “Not my prez” and “#nevertrump,” and at 1:30 walked from the ultimate frisbee field down to Broadway, chanting “Love Trumps Hate.”

“The intentions were super positive and it’s a great way to illustrate our political activism, but at the same time I think for it to be effective a little bit more organization would have been good,” said senior Moly Aber. “I commend every student who put work and organization into it and it’s a wonderful thing to participate in our democracy.”

“I knew about it and I told my students that I was aware of it and if they needed to do something around 1:30 they could,” said history teacher Scott Peoples. “I also think there are other ways to do it that aren’t quite as disruptive as walking out.”

Peoples remembered his college staging a coordinated scream when their tuition rose, and suggested a similar act to his students.

Some students admit that the reason they participated in the walkout was missing class, rather than a display of activism.

“I don’t think of it much as a protest, I know that a lot of people don’t like him, I think the moral is that it gives kids something to do instead of just sitting around,” said junior Elnaz Navid.

 “It’s really sad to see so much negativity right now, and so we want to spread some love instead of hate, because love trumps hate.” said junior Clare Larsen.




Photos taken by Emma O'Leary

Photos taken by Emma O'Leary


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