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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: The Sexiest Men Alive of 2013

By Garnet Sparkle, Silver Jones, and Crystal Chandelier, resident celebrity columnists in Arts & Culture

The Royal Banner is pleased to present a new weekly column: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. This column is brought to you by Garnet Sparkle, Silver Jones, and Crystal Chandelier, the RB's resident celebrity columnists. Be on the lookout for this column every Thursday as they cover everything from to Lindsay Lohan's prison escapades to Channing Tatum's six-pack.

Hugh Jackman - He can pull off Jean Valjean, have a six pack, sport Wolverine claws, and sing/dance/act all at the same time. He’s practically a quintuple threat. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again - it doesn’t matter that HJ is getting a little old because like wine, he gets better with age.

Eddie Redmayne - LOOK AT HIS FRECKLES. THAT IS ALL. Oh and he’s really pretty when he cries.

James Franco - Oh dearest James, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... You’re really hot. Plus, you went to Columbia. So, bonus points! When I move to New York, I plan to do great things - like you.

Johnny Depp - Whether he’s decapitating his enemies, sailing the seven seas, or divorcing people, this man- no, this god- is a really good at looking hot when he should be looking ugly.

Joseph Gordon Levitt - Nomnomnom. Nom.

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