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Super Bowl 52 Recap

By David Hirschhorn in Sports


Last night the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles squared off in a game for the ages to decide who would be crowned champion of the NFL. The Patriots were playing in their 8th Super Bowl, an NFL record while the Eagles were playing in their third Super Bowl ever.


The Eagles were supreme underdogs as they had never won a Super Bowl and were without their start Quarterback Carson Wentz. However, Eagles backup QB Nick Foles played the game of his life as he led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory ever.


The game was widely enjoyed by people around the country and particularly at Fairview. A lot of Fairview students were rooting against the Patriots as the Patriots were the heavy favorites. I can say that I was really happy because of the outcome of the game as the Patriots were stopped from winning a record sixth Super Bowl.


The game came down to the final play for a second consecutive year as Tom Brady launched a 50 yard pass down the field to near-unstoppable Tight End Rob Gronkowski. The play nearly broke the hearts of all Philadelphia fans as the ball was bobbled and batted around until eventually the ball hit the ground. The city of Philadelphia and Eagles fans around the world rejoiced as they had finally captured their first Super Bowl championship in team history.


Junior Didac Garcia has been a Patriots fan all of his life and has witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Patriots franchise in the last decade. When asked about the game, he responded “It was a great game. As a fan who is from the Boston area, it hurt to see Brady lose another Super Bowl. The thing that I am most annoyed with is the fact that the NFL needs to change their catch rule!”


There has been quite the dispute over the past few seasons in the NFL of what counts as a catch and what doesn’t. Garcia said “50% of the time, the Zach Ertz play could have been called  back and the same goes with the Corey Clement play.”


Garcia also stated that the reason for the Eagles victory wasn’t about unfair refs or luck but simply the fact that the Eagles were the better team. Garcia stated “Tom Brady is still the greatest player ever. He passed for 505 yards, an all-time playoff record and was 49 yards away from breaking the all-time passing yard record for any player in any game in history. I believe that if he didn’t fumble on one of the last drives of the fourth quarter, he would have passed the record. He cemented his legacy in Super Bowl 51 as the best player ever but he couldn’t carry this year’s team which had a much worse defense.”

Garcia also said that “Nick Foles was great but you can’t overlook how great Brady was. It was a great game and the Eagles simply played better.”


Junior Ben Daecher is a fan of all Philadelphia sports teams and has been for his whole life. While his favorite team is the Philadelphia Phillies, he is still a big Eagles fan.  “When the ball hit the ground and we were crowned champs, I just knew, we are at the start of a dynasty and we are back as the top dogs.”


Junior Saji Singh, who isn’t a fan of either team said “The game was terrific. Tom Brady played a hell of a game but I was thrilled that the Pats lost. They have won so many that it was good to see them lose.”


Fairview students all around thought the game was great even if they were rooting for different teams. It was a terrific game and was enjoyed by students and fans all around.

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