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Syria becoming increasingly dangerous for journalists

By Brock DeHaven in Student News

This past week, three prominent journalist- Anthony Shadid, Marie Colvin, and Remi Ochlik were killed while caught in the crossfires between the Syrian government and rebel forces.

Colvin, 57, has been a foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times for nearly twenty years. Known for the eye patch she wore and the toughness that came with it, Colvin had only been in Syria for a week.

Only a day before she passed away, Colvin reported that "The Syrians are not allowing civilians to leave. Anyone who gets on the street, if they are not hit by a shell, they are sniped."

Ochlik, an award winning photographer for Le Fiagro, was found next to Colvin after the attacks from President Bashar al-Assad's regime escalated and the building where many journalist were working in was destroyed by a rocket.

Although not involved in the same attacks, Shadid, 43, was also found dead in Syria after suffering an asthma attack when trying to escape a building he was in.

With these three deaths, and the thirteen other journalists who have been seriously injured, the past week in Syria has been one of the most violent ever within the world of journalism.

The emotions rising from this issue highlights that, as put by Victoria Nuland,"This tragic incident is another example of the shameless brutality of the Assad regime".

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