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Teacher and Student Interactions

By Keren Sneh and Peter Buchholz in Student News


Photo Credit: Peter Buchholz

In the words of senior Coleman Richards, “Teachers don’t understand outward and peer pressure and they don’t understand family or political pressures. Teachers are older and have been on the rat wheel for so long that they approach every student the same.” However, this view is not shared by all the students in the school. “A lot of teachers in AP and IB give out homework, that is what the class is for,” said Jenny Schneider, junior. “Some kids do better under stress and with more activities one can get more done if you can plan it out. Teachers do help understand and help prepare for the real life.” While many agree that teachers do not fully understand what it’s like to be a student in this time period, many teachers try their best to understand what is going on. “Understanding depends on the teacher, no teacher could ever really understand, but teachers, especially at Fairview, can try to empathize,” said Dan Niedringhaus, history teacher. Jennifer Kraemer, a history teacher, Niedringhaus, and Amanda Bixler, a math teacher, all agreed that technology is the biggest thing that has changed since they were in high school. “Kids think it’s a lot harder than it is. They become too easily distracted by their phones, and if they sat down for 30 minutes and just focused on learning the material they would understand a lot more,” said Bixler. “Teachers don’t seem to understand different classes and juggling other things, and they all think their class is number one,” said Gretchen Shoemaker, sophomore. But Niedringhaus believes students can elevate to another level. “Even though there has been more diversity in the subject matter, standards have been watered down. Teachers don’t expect as much anymore,” Niedringhaus said. Kraemer believes that while teachers may not have the best understanding of what students go through, every human goes through their different trials and tribulations. “Do I understand what you’re going through? No, but, because I’m human, yes I can empathize,” said Kraemer. “It would be insulting saying I understand what you guys go through, just like how you can’t understand what I go through. In the end, it’s all about effort, and trying to empathize."

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