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Ten Experiences in Ten Days: A Bucket List for Fairview Seniors

By Josie Russell in Opinion & Politics

The clock is ticking down towards the seniors’ last day at Fairview. Seniors, here are twelve things to do before you graduate to make sure you’ve experienced everything the castle has to offer.

Buy a school lunch. Although school lunches have a distasteful reputation, the BVSD lunches are actually renowned in Colorado for their quality. To get bonus points, be sure to eat it in the cafeteria. Go to a sporting event. The girl’s soccer team and boy’s baseball team are likely to get home games during their respective playoffs, so there is still time to watch your classmates compete in what they do best without having to drive off campus. Play a game of foosball in the senior lounge. Even if you don’t know how to play, it is fun to spin the handles and watch the ball ricochet around. Go to a band, orchestra, or choir concert. The top jazz and concert bands have their concerts on May 6th in the auditorium, and the orchestra performs there on May 7th. The choir concerts are dated for May 13th and 14th in the auditorium as well. Talk to the school janitors. Even a simple “Hi” and “How are you?” goes a long way. You get bonus points if you make their job easier by picking up some trash. Talk to one of your teachers from freshman or sophomore year. If they had an influence on you, be sure to let them know. They’ll also love to hear about your plans after graduation. Buy a cookie (or two) from the IB Store. Nothing tastes as good as these doughy confections when you’re on a break during your block math period. Go all out on Fairview Friday. Wearing all red and white from head to toe may sound silly, but it’s worth the feeling of camaraderie and supporting your school. Also, it will make your senior jersey seem like it was worth the $37 investment. Check out a book from the library - and read it. Bonus points if you ask one of the librarians to provide you with suggestions. Note that you cannot cross off this experience if you fail to turn the book back in once you are done! Finally, pass on your knowledge to Fairview’s underclassmen. Your old AP US History notes and Language Arts books may not mean much to you, but they could be a valuable resource to the school’s up-and-comers. Younger students will also appreciate your veteran perspective on choosing a college, passing exams, and doing well in classes.

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