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Tennis looks to serve up success

By Katie Steen in Sports

As spring rolls around and the neon green balls start bouncing, the Fairview girls tennis team warms up to try and beat Cherry Creek at state. The Bruins, fifteen-time state champions, beat the Knights last year 77 to 66, but the Knights think they have a chance to beat Cherry Creek this year.  The next best team, Loveland, was way behind Fairview at state last year with only 17 points. “Our two teams (Fairview and Creek) are the best,” senior singles star Monica Li says. As for the loss of last year’s strong seniors, namely Sara Martin, Megan Moore, and Becca Warren, Li says, “the loss will affect us somewhat, and we don’t have any incoming freshman on the team, but I think we will still be able to put up a fight at state.” The team this year is loaded with talented players like seniors Paris Hogan, Megan Thayer, Hayley Young and Li. Two of the singles players who are underclassmen, Katie Kuosman and Monica’s younger sister Katie Li, are also forces to be reckoned with. Some players that are stepping up this year are Hannah Embree, Laura Jamison, Madison Kasic, and Sonia Ghosh. One of the biggest blows to the team is the loss of junior Kat Pepin to a wrist injury. Her absence will hurt the team and may jeopardize their success at state. Head coach Susan Stensrud says that they will miss Kat because “she is an outstanding player and also a lot of fun.” However, she is staying on as a manager and will be helpful there. Stensrud’s only worry is that because she is playing eight seniors, they will have to rely on a lot of new players next year. However, she says they have an “outstanding group of ladies and [she] is very optimistic.”

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