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The Bachelor takes on Panama

By Paige Lindgren and Piper Salvator in Arts & Culture

"Do you just want me to bend over and take it up the tailpipe?" said Courtney Robertson, the known "villian" on season 16 of The Bachelor. She's at it again this episode in Panama with more antics including rude remarks and bikini-less fun.

The latest episode started off with a one on one date between Ben and Kacie B. They had fun trying to crack coconuts, catching a minishark, and admitting to be bulimic. This was the first time that Kacie B. had shared something personal with Ben and it took their relationship to a whole new level. Courtney's biggest competition at the moment? Definitely.

Ben's chosen girls to go on the group date were first escorted on a huge boat and then stopped at an island where a bunch of little boys were playing soccer. The village natives welcomed the girls and gave them special beaded bikinis to wear. They also painted each other with tribal paint and Courtney "marked her territory" by writing C + B = 3 on Ben's back. The girl's were pissed. At the end of the night, Lindzi got the rose for the date and Courtney was pissed.

Back at the girl's house, Blakely and Rachel were getting ready for their 2 on 1 date. Blakely was over the top excited for the date while Rachel was more than a little nervous. Both girls got a chance to show off their salsa dancing skills with Ben as they jealously watched the other girl dance Ben while they waited for their turn. Then it was dinnertime. Both girls had intimate conversations with Ben and Blakely took their time to the next level as she created a scrapbook of her and Ben's time together in hopes of winning him over. The scrapbook did not have the effect tat she hoped as Rachel accepted the rose from Ben and Blakely was sent home in tears.

Before the rose ceremony, Bachelor host Chris Harrison confronted Casey S. about her past. She admitted to still being in love with her ex-boyfriend, Michael, and went to talk to Ben about it. He sent her home.

At the cocktail party just  before the rose ceremony, Emily tried to mediate her relationship with Courtney by apologizing for talking bad about her with Ben. Courtney would not accept as she claims. "I don't forgive and forget". Then, Jamie tried to teach Ben how to kiss proving to be the most awkward moment of the entire season so far.

The rose ceremony had no surprises as Courtney predicted earlier that it was either Jamie or Emily going home, and she was right. Jamie left in tears as the rest of the girls celebrated the news that they will be traveling to Belize with Ben.

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