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The Calm Before the Storm

By Cameron Walsh in Student News


Every day, more than 2000 students arrive at Fairview High School, each one leading a different life, walking to their various classes. This is how we see people at Fairview, but what do they do when we can’t see them?


“My mornings are packed, from doing homework, to working out in the early hours, and I mean, who doesn’t love sleeping?” junior Diego Rodriguez said.


A student’s life outside of school could be a normal, regular, content life. Yet, for many students at Fairview, mornings are anything but the norm.


“I wake up at 4:00, I eat three bowls of cereal, I practice for marching band, and prepare for an hour-long bus ride into school,” sophomore Tyler Perlmutter said.

Students travel to Fairview from Lyons to Lafayette and beyond; some drives can take anywhere from  five-minutes to an hour-long drive. Students who don’t have their licenses and even those that do travel to Fairview in a multitude of ways.


“I take the bus in the mornings, which takes me about an hour to get into Boulder, and then another 15-20 minutes to get to school, so my mornings are pretty packed,” sophomore Kyle Piper said.


From eating a whole breakfast of Cheerios and Frosted Flakes, to writing that five-page-long essay in 45 minutes, everybody at Fairview has an unique life outside of school.


Gerald Robinson, sophomore, said “I believe that every person at Fairview has a story underneath their surfaces, and by just getting to know them you can discover some really amazing things.”

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