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The Dos and Don'ts for Walking the Halls

By Ella Wawrzynek in Humor


Students walk in the 600 hall.



  1. Walk. As simple as that. You don’t need to crawl. Or skip. Or frog-jump, or leap or strut. Just walk. You’d think the concept would be self-evident due to its self-explanatory nature, but apparently people need reminding.

  2. Walk right, pass left. It’s the same as driving, and I’m fairly confident in saying that everyone has either driven, been driven or seen a car being driven and therefore would grasp the idea.



  1. Stop. Especially in the middle of the hall. I know you haven’t seen your friends in forever, but if you absolutely must set up your gourmet-artisan-reunion-picnic sushi, pull over to the side.

  2. Congregate. There’s designated places in the school for congregating (the library, the cafeteria, the student center, pretty much everywhere that’s not a hallway…). Utilize them.

  3. Fight. Playfully or literally. No innocent bystander needs to be slugged in the face or pushed over just for trying to get to class on time.

  4. Make-out. No one needs your public displays of affection. We all know that “you just can’t help it!” or that “you’re in love!” but a) you’re probably going to break up before the end of the year, b) self control is a virtue and c) if you really are in love then you’ll have all the time in the world to make-out, so take a chill-pill while still in high school.


These should be fairly easy to remember given that they are basic common-sense concepts. But just in case you need a reminder, feel free put this as your smartphone wallpaper so you see it when you are going from class to class staring at whatever you stare at on your phones.


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