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The Evolution of Taylor Swift

By Melissa Cuddington, Rebecca Vickers, Natalie Bowes in Arts & Culture

Taylor Swift, a beloved country superstar seems to blow up the charts no matter what she produces. Known for her smooth voice, fashion style, and loving character, she is also a covergirl... talk about making girls jealous. Taylor Swift started out with just a passion for music. She released her first album in 2008 which consisted of twangy country songs, all about boys and heartbreak. Also in 2008, she released her album Fearless, which was a huge hit and became a platinum record that year. It consisted of songs such as Love Story and You Belong With Me. Every teenage girl in America can sing both songs word for word. After this number one record, Taylor took a little break from writing, but then came back with yet another hit album in 2010 called Speak Now. This didn’t get quite as much attention as Fearless, yet Taylor still kept true to herself, with every song about boys and her “boy troubles.” Taylor’s albums consist of uniquely crafted song lyrics and catchy rhythms. She does not lack talent, that’s for sure. Each album progressively got less and less country, her music becoming very poppy and even more mainstream than before. Most recently, Taylor has shown the world a different side to her music. With her E.P’s We Are Never Getting Back Together, Begin Again, Red, and I Knew You Were Trouble (all leading up to her upcoming album Red), she seems to have lost her innocent country, acoustic style altogether. What will people say about her new album? We will have to wait and see.

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