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The Fringe Festival

By Emma O'Leary in Student News


The Fringe Festival will take place at Fairview from Monday the 24th to Friday the 28th, and all students are welcome to come.

“We want to take the incredible stuff that we’re doing here with fine arts and visual arts and performing arts, and we want to take it down and share it with the rest of the campus,” said Lanny Boyer, one of the teachers in charge of planning the festival.

Each day will consist of a different type of fine, visual, or performing arts.

Busker arts (street performance arts) and circus arts will take place on Monday. Tuesday is visual arts day.

There will be a musical teaser on Wednesday during block lunch. One acts will take place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Thursday will also consist of improvisation. Friday will also be a “Try it On” day, giving students a chance to try a variety of arts.

“We will be taking… what we do into the most central part of the building, and any students that have a planning period that pass by are welcome to stay as long as they want,” Boyer said.

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