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The Fringe Festival: A Celebration of the Arts

By Emma O'Leary, Anya Aidun and Kate Martin in Student News


The Fringe Festival took place the week of October 24th through 28th and brought the Arts Department into the spotlight with a full week of fine arts, giving students an opportunity to view and try a wide variety of art.  

Monday included Buskar and Circus arts, Tuesday was visual arts day, Wednesday consisted of a musical teaser and improvisation, Thursday also was a day for improvisation, and Friday was a “try it on” day, allowing students to sit in on a choir class, try screen printing, and other samples of the arts.

“We want to take the incredible stuff that we’re doing here with fine arts and visual arts and performing arts, and we want to take it down and share it with the rest of the campus,” said Lanny Boyer, the theater and film teacher, who was involved in the planning of the festival.

Senior Cooper Lajeunesse, who planned the Fringe Festival, wanted to take the idea of the annual one act festival and turn it into a “week long celebration of the arts.” This year the focus of the Fringe Festival is to open it up to all types of art, not solely theatrical performances.

“You know how we have the homecoming assembly, and how it’s a big celebration of sports, and coming back to school and everything, but there was really not a celebration of the arts at all,” said Senior Cooper Lajeunesse.

Lajeunesse visited other fringe festivals in Colorado to get ideas for the Fairview festival.
“I really wanted to create an environment where student artwork that wouldn’t necessarily be shown at a big festival or a big show like Pops…. [was] present,” said Cooper.
“Just how we’re able to bring all the arts together at one time, I think that’s pretty unique,” said Senior Sarah Kirby, Co-president of the film club. “A lot of times people don’t get to see all of the opportunities that they have.”

Kirby said that the Fringe Festival allows students to realize the other types of art offered at Fairview.

“We do fine work and we think that everybody is aware of us, but the truth is, when we perform shows,” Boyer said. “If we sell out, the percentage of students that are in there is less than 2%.”  

“By doing this we hope to spread the knowledge of how really talented the art department is at Fairview,” Kirby said.

According to Boyer, the Fringe Festival was beneficial to the performers and to the students who know little about the arts.

“Best case scenario is 1,000 of our students see what it is that we’re doing and 1,000 students want to take classes and be a part of what it is that we’re doing,” Boyer said.

Mr.Boyer said that he would love to see the “bubble” that surrounds the arts and the students involved burst as a result of the festival.

Cooper hopes that the festival will become a tradition and include even more art and performances in the years to come.

“It seemed like people were really interested and had a good time,” said senior Ella Leh, who was also involved in the planning of the festival.

“I am really content with the way that we were able to show a little bit more of this artwork and this student collaboration and bring that into our school that we haven’t really been able to see a lot in the past,” said Lajeunesse.

“I’m excited that people seemed really interested, and I think that going forward that makes me really optimistic about the expansion and growth of the festival,” said Leh.


“We just want to share the gift of art, quite honestly,” Boyer said.



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