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The Greatest College Football Game Ever Played

By David Hirschhorn in Sports


Wikimedia Commons

Last monday night sports fans were treated to the greatest college football game ever played. We got to see the perennial dynasty, #1 Alabama Crimson Tide pitted against the underdog #2 Clemson Tigers.

For all you non-sports fans who are reading this, the Alabama Crimson Tide are virtually an NFL team playing college football. They are loaded with future first-round picks and they have a former NFL coach, Nick Saban.

Now, unless you live in Tuscaloosa or attended the University of Alabama, you should not ever root for the Alabama Crimson Tide. It is not fun to root for a team that has won four of the last eight national championships in college football.

All major sports analysts of the world believed that Alabama would “Roll Tide” and destroy Alabama.

However, I predicted the huge upset and predicted that Bama would fall and the Tigers would be the kings of college football.

All the major sports analysts predicted that Bama would win but multiple Fairview students thought Clemson would win. Sophomore Niko Linder said “It was a super exciting game.”

I will admit, the game did start very slowly, but after I finished all of my homework, I turned on ESPN with eight minutes left in the third quarter. It was kind of slow for the third quarter but the fourth quarter was undoubtedly the greatest quarter of football in college football history.

Clemson was down 24-14 entering the fourth quarter as Alabama Tight End OJ Howard broke Clemson fans’ hearts for the second straight season sprinting 68 yards unblocked for a TD.

Clemson’s star QB Deshaun Watson, the potential #1 pick in this upcoming NFL Draft, looked unfazed and determined.

He lead Clemson down the field and threw a perfect ball to his 6’3” amazing wide receiver, Mike Williams. The score was now 24-21, Alabama leading.

Clemson then clamped down on defense forcing an Alabama punt. The combination of Watson and Williams proved to be deadly again as Williams ripped off a few ridiculous catches. Clemson marched to the one yard line and Clemson Running Back Wayne Gallman dove into the endzone to give the Tigers a 28-24 lead.

However, the Crimson Tide weren’t scared at all. After a crucial fourth down conversion by Alabama RB Damien Harris and a trick play where an Alabama WR threw the ball down the field, Bama true freshman QB Jalen Hurts ran virtually untouched 30 yards for a Bama TD.

The outlook was a little bit bleak for Clemson. They were trailing 31-28 and had two minutes and seven seconds to win or tie the game. Watson had a series of amazing plays on this drive including another ridiculous grab by Mike Williams. Then, his Tight End Jordan Leggett laid out for a crazy grab to set up the play of our decade. Watson dropped back in the pocket and delivered a perfect ball to WR Hunter Renfrow who dove into the end zone with one second left in the game to win Clemson the National Championship.


“It was an instant classic. Deshaun Watson was Vince Young-esque” said Sophomore Oliver Jones. I agree that it was the best college football game I have ever watched.

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