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The Interview Review

By Cameron Walsh in Arts & Culture

When you combine tigers, assassination plots, and Katy Perry’s “Firework”, you can already tell you’re in for a very controversial movie. From the creators of “Bruno” and “Bad Teacher” comes the offensive movie you and your friends will be talking about for months: “The Interview.”

Here’s The Plot:

When Dave Skylark (James Franco), entertainment host of the show “Skylark Tonight,” finds himself being one of the favorite American shows rated by the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. After some lengthy discussions and a five-minute trip to China, Seth Rogen and James Franco head to North Korea to interview the Supreme Leader, but before the dynamic duo can make the journey, the C.I.A. confronts them. They task them with a mission to poison him. With a little bit of deception, “honeypotting,” and stupidity, the two men embark on a mission to interview the Supreme Leader of North Korea,  Kim-Jong-Un on national television.

This crazy plotline has gotten a lot of whiplash prior to its release and, now that it’s out, it has continued to stay under public scrutiny. Despite numerous threats from North Korea, you can easily access “The Interview” on various websites and is available to purchase. Though the controversial movie will never hit the big screen, it should certainly be on your watchlist of new movies to see for 2015.

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