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The irony of an Earth Day car show

By Ella Jenak in Opinion & Politics

The 29th Street Mall in Boulder is known for hosting art fairs and trade shows during the warm seasons. But, on Sunday, an unusual festivity graced the streets of the mall: a car show! The 29th Street Mall, or as I like to call it, The Boulder Women’s Mall, is typically populated solely by athletic women and teenage girls, but on Sunday an entirely new species of Boulderites flocked to the mall: men. Car loving, testosterone filled men stalked up and down the rows of charming, antique cars and flashy sports cars that filled the street. Ironically, Sunday was also Earth Day. A day for paying respect to the beautiful planet we populate. A day for recycling, planting gardens, riding bikes and picking up litter. A day for admiring the gas-guzzling sports cars that pollute the air we breath? Logically, hybrid cars would have been featured in this Earth Day car show, illustrating the fact that industry and environmentally-friendly technology could be combined to create automobiles with a less negative footprint on our planet. Instead, cars that devour fuel in the interest of luxury populated the mall’s main street, sending a completely unfitting message on a day devoted to “green.” It is depressing that in our society, on the single day dedicated to loving our planet, most Americans are ignorant of the date and remain focused on consuming material goods. The men at the 29th Street Mall spent hours worshipping cars, but most likely only acknowledged Earth Day when they opened up Google and saw its Earth Day themed logo. Even if Boulderites aren’t willing to adopt eco-friendly habits in their everyday lives in honor of the Earth, they should at least honor our planet on the single day dedicated to it. After all, which is more important to us: sports cars or our planet?

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