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"The People Issue" Teaser: Jeff Jones

By Ryan Swerdlin in Student News


Jeff Jones, security, featured on the cover of the People Issue.

He has saved lives by disarming a student who had a 9mm.

He has saved a girl that was drowning in a creek.

He has had a ceremony held in his honor for being a hero.

But before all this, Jeff was drag racing down a strip in Oklahoma at a hundred and twenty miles per hour.

Jeff’s last year of high school was in Oklahoma, and back then the idea of a good time was racing fast cars down a long strip in the middle of town.

“[People] would get on the strip and they would either race up the strip or they would just cruise down the strip depending on whether you’re cool or whatever you’re doing,” Jeff explained.

As it turns out Jeff was more partial to racing back then.

“One day I got into a race with a cowboy who had this big monster truck,” Jeff said.

This particular race ended up going in a crazy direction. Jeff and the cowboy started speeding down the road, “ just tearing this road up.” At the end of the road there was a lake and the two were rapidly approaching it. The cowboy started getting dangerously close, and Jeff had to swerve his car to avoid him.

“I turned my wheel real hard and the car slid into the guardrail and up and over the edge of the bridge into the lake.”

Luckily for Jeff, his friends came to the rescue by running into the lake and lifting his car out of the mud. Some other guys on top of the bridge attached an axle and a chain to Jeff’s car and managed to pull the car back onto the bridge, with Jeff being inside all the while.

Incredibly, Jeff and his car escaped the ordeal uninjured.

“Tough car man, 1979 Trans am baby.”

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