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The Search for the Golden Minute

By Paige Reisman, Megan DeBruyn in Student News

While all of us non-seniors look forward to the day when we can show up to school five minutes before first period starts and have a spot waiting for us only a short walk away from the building, we know that it is not the case. Instead, we must endure the torturous daily battle of fighting for a parking space on Greenbriar.As second semester slowly draws closer to the end, Greenbriar becomes more packed with every passing day and a decent parking space becomes increasingly more impossible to come across. At the beginning of the year, we juniors owned the road. I am proud to say that I scored a “Fab Four” spot on three glorious occasions first semester and almost every other day got a spot right next to the senior lot. But as soon as we returned from winter break, I found that even arriving at my usual 7:35 time, I began settling for spots down by the track.

I completely understand how first-come-first-serve works. If you want to wake up at the crack of dawn and sit in your car for a half-an-hour just to avoid a 7 minute walk to the school, be my guest. My question is, how do you do it? So, my counter-part Paige Reisman and I set out on attempts of discovering the golden minute of arrival by posting out on Greenbriar and observing the minute-by-minute parking status. Take a look at the map of the street to see the results of our investigation.

After various calculations and in-depth research, we have come to the conclusion that the golden minute of arrival is 7:29. In this minute, the entire top section across from the senior lot fills as well as the first section of parking down to the traffic enforcement zone. However, this may change now that the entire school is informed on the perfect time to show up to school and y’all are gonna wake up earlier and earlier until the majority of the school is sitting in their cars an hour and 20 minutes before it even starts. The resolution, you ask? Stop getting here so damn early. If everyone decides to arrive 15 minutes before school starts, the way the seniors in the senior lot do, then no one will have to get up at the crack of dawn.

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