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The ((Worst+Best)/2) Actor Ever

By Keenan Marrinan in Arts & Culture

On September 14th, the movie Stolen, starring Nicolas Cage, will be in select theatres everywhere. The movie is about an ex-thief’s quest to rescue his kidnapped daughter. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. The movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson was just released four years ago and was about a retired CIA agent rescuing his...  Kidnapped daughter! Not only are the names of these movies synonyms, their plots are near identical. Who would make a movie with so many similarities to a movie that was released just four years prior? All signs point to Nicolas Cage as the man responsible for this movie. He did not write the script, nor did he direct it, all he had to do was appear in it for the movie to be made. Since 1989 Nicholas Cage has appeared in 74 different movies,  ranging from acclaimed films such as Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation, to laughably horrible ones like Con Air and Knowing, to children’s movies like The Ant Bully and The Sorcerer's Apprentice.  Many Fairview students are familiar with his 2006 remake of The Wicker Man, which became an internet sensation when the DVD was released with an alternate ending which involved the character played by Nicolas Cage screaming “NOT THE BEES!” From the immense variation between all the movies Nicolas Cage has been in, one might assume that he is a very versatile and talented actor, but upon closer examination he is the most mediocre actor alive. He is not the best. He is not the worst. Instead he is almost exactly in the middle. Of the 74 movies that he has starred in over the years, 38 of them have been rated by professional critics. According to IMDb, the average rating for all of those movies is 48.9%. Almost in the middle but slightly worse than that. The students of Fairview agree with this average. In a survey of 156 students (technically 189, but 33 had no opinion) 54.5% (85/156) do not like Nicolas Cage. One of these students, Senior Anya Kolesikoff, says “I think he’s horrible”. On the other hand, Sophomore Teresa Prinster, a student in the 45.5% (71/156) who does like Cage, says “He’s a good actor.” Between these opposing viewpoints stands Sophomore Ben Brooks, who says “He annoys me.”

There is one opinion that seems to be shared by both students who like him and students who do not, they both think Nicolas Cage is not good but not bad either. “He’s not a very good actor but I like him,” says a student who supports the actor. Junior Sam Rudman, says, “At the least he’s entertaining, at the worst he’s a bad actor.”

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