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Top 8 Worst Things to Do on Facebook

By Shoshana Pollack and Maddie Stachniak in Humor

  1. Having important conversations about your relationship. Relationships are private things, especially breakups. Breaking up with someone does not have to be done publicly in front of your friends and family members.

  2. Posting something you stole from another site. That grumpy cat meme is hilarious, but stealing something like this from Reddit or Tumblr and posting it as your own does not make you look clever. No one’s buying it.

  3. Hashtags

    Thisisnottwitter #likesrsly #stahp

  4. “like dis if u luv  ur mthr!!!! ignore if u want to go to hell!!!!” No Vanessa, I will not like this post about your new Gossip Girl fanfiction. I will go to hell first.

  5. Vague emotional statuses. Stop being passive aggressive. If you’re mad at someone, tell them in person. If you’re sad, go talk to your cat. But don’t post about it on Facebook.

  6. “Oh my God, I look so bad in this picture!” Ok, if you don’t like the picture, keep it to yourself. Constantly fishing for compliments will make you look truly ugly.

  7. Instagram photos on facebook. So you’re wannabe hipster, fine, but keep that stuff on Instagram. You are not a photographer. You have an iPhone and a fancy filter app. Please stop posting sepia pictures of your cats. They’re annoying enough on Instagram, we don’t need to see them on Facebook too.

  8. And the worst thing you can do on facebook? Be on facebook.

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