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Top Movies and TV Shows of 2014

By Varun Narayanswamy in Arts & Culture

Not only were there new movies this year, but there were also new TV shows. This year had an outburst of amazing new seasons and premieres. The Royal Banner has compiled our favorite TV Shows that have released something new this year. Polls were also taken around Fairview students and the schools top tv shows were also recorded. We have also reviewed tour top three. Here are winners for the top TV shows of 2014.

Action, adventure, mystery and comedy are unlimited in the popular show, “Arrow.” When playboy millionaire Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) reappears after his boat crashes five years previously, the world goes abuzz. But he’s not quite the same. He’s a rich kid by day but a superhero by night, catching wealthy villains who are using the poor to their advantage and committing horrible crimes. “Arrow” finished its second season this year and has recently began the third. This show is really amazing. If you have any free time this break, this is the show to see.

Second, “New Girl” is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched. It doesn’t matter what you think. Everytime I watch an episode, I find myself crying from laughter. “New Girl” is a story show about Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) who one day walks in on her boyfriend with another woman. Afterward, she moves into a room with 3 very funny guys: Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. This show can sometimes be inappropriate but overall, this show is amazing. I would for sure give it a thumbs-up.

Finally, is a show that some would consider a kids show. This show started out with a series with three seasons followed by a following series now on it’s fourth season. It is none other than “Avatar: Legend of Korra.” The sequel to the hugely popular show “Avatar: The Last Airbender” this show is full of comedy, action and the supernatural. In a world where there are people who are able to harness the power of different elements there is a single special individual. The avatar, a person who can control all of them. Korra, the newest Avatar has to learn to control her abilities and keep balance in the world. Easier said then done. There villains on every turn and she must muster all of her strength to bring them down. An amazing show to be sure I would give this show an eleven out of 10.

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