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Twin Peaks Making a Comeback

By Mike Sparkman in Arts & Culture

If you asked your typical Colorado high school student, “What is Twin Peaks?” five years ago, chances are they would tell you about either the restaurant or the terrifying mall in Longmont. Now a growing amount of high schoolers are becoming familiar with the television show created by David Lynch that aired in the early 1990s, thanks to the rise of Netflix.

“Twin Peaks” has had “cult classic” status for over twenty years, but now a new generation is appreciating its utterly unique creation of tension and the many quirks that come with anything Lynch touches (i.e. a woman who talks to a log, a Sheriff by the name of Harry S. Truman, a cryptic, friendly giant). Though it was only on TV for two years, it has had its effect on popular culture.

Now, Twin Peaks is coming back to network television. Lynch recently announced that in 2016, a new season of Twin Peaks will be aired, marking the 25th anniversary of the show, set in present day. Lynch posted a video to his Twitter of the opening shot to each episode, followed by the text “2016” in trademark bright green Twin Peaks font. This announcement confirmed the resurgence in popularity that the show has received as of late.

Set in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Washington, the show centers around the ever-optimistic FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan, who is brought in to investigate the murder of well-known local teen, Laura Palmer. Palmer is portrayed by actress and FHS graduate Sheryl Lee. Lee also plays Palmer’s cousin. Soon, things take a turn for the paranormal, but Cooper is right at home and uses his fascination strange connection with the supernatural to his advantage.

This deeply intriguing plot, coupled with a prolific soundtrack, courtesy of Angelo

Badalamenti, and cinematography that can only be described as unique, makes for excellent viewing. While the show was unconventional to put it lightly, it still proved to be a favorite among both critics and the general public.

It is quite likely that more than half of FHS students have no clue what the show “Twin Peaks” is. When asked what he thought of when he heard the term “Twin Peaks,” Junior Sam Chaim-Weismann said “Mountains.” Fortunately, that number is only going to keep shrinking with the new season coming out in 2016, which is fantastic news, since everybody should experience the inexplicable masterpiece of “Twin Peaks.”

So, in short, if you’re looking for something to prolong your already detrimental procrastination instead of studying, “Twin Peaks” is currently on Netflix, and is without a doubt the work of an eccentric genius. Climb on the “Twin Peaks” bandwagon before it’s overcrowded.

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