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Ultimate Teams in State Tournament

By Alli Williams in Student News

The fall season for Ultimate ended the weekend of November 9th at the State Tournament. After reaching the quarter-finals, the team had a winning attitude going into their bracket.

 “We can’t let our previous success get to our heads,” said Kelsea Kilbride, senior and captain. “We need to go into every single game thinking that we need to work to win it.”

 Their state tournament record was 2-2, including their outstanding wins against Arapahoe High School (15-3) and Heritage High School (14-2).

 The initial Ultimate league record was 3-3, only losing to various Monarch High School teams at the 2014 Fall State Champions. Their performance in the last tournament before State was a big help for their seeding, where they won four matches that  contributed to their pre-state record of 7-5.

 “We started out rough, and we weren’t as rough as we thought we were,” said Kilbride. “We’re getting a lot better.” Overall, the team ended up 7th in State.

 The fall season may have ended, but there is still much to look forward to for Ultimate. Unlike any other high school sport, Ultimate has not only a fall season, but a spring season as well.

 “In the fall, we have girls and boys’ teams (mixed), and then in the spring, we separate genders,” said Kilbride.

 Although the fall season isn’t far behind them, players are already getting excited for the spring season.

 “Every single girl on our team is substantially better than every other girl in the state pretty much,” Kilbride said. “I have a lot of high expectations. This year, I really think our girls have it.”

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