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Uncomfortable/Funny Celebrity Interviews

By Sam Rock in Arts & Culture

Being a celebrity has many perks. One of these perks is constant media attention—nothing caters more to the "Hey, look at me!" attitude than a celebrity status. However, not all celebrities love having a camera shoved into their face 24/7. Here are a few I suspect may be of the latter variety.

J Mascis If you were to judge his intelligence solely on his interviews, you’d think Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis is one duuuuumb dude. He slurs through each sentence kind of like a large, clumsy animal would attempt to board an airplane. Luckily, he doesn’t sing like that and he is basically a guitar deity. Possibly a nihilist though. Uncomfortable interview: Mascis is interviewed by a grandmotherly woman who clearly has never listened to his music.

Kurt Cobain/Nirvana Cobain exuded angsty indifference in every interview. He often gave answers in fewer than ten words, leading to increased participation from Nirvana’s rambling, uninteresting, and ultra-excited bassist Krist Novoselic. Memorable interview: Cobain eats a chocolate chip cookie while holding his infant in a backstage interview.

Ray Lewis Ray Lewis, a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, may know how to play football like a pro, but the spontaneity of the camera doesn’t always bring out his best moments. Game’s over? Lewis has an interview? Hilarity ensues. Memorable interview: “We touch each other.” — actual Ray Lewis quote.

Sarah Palin The infamous Katie Couric interview really opened the world’s eyes up to Palin’s sheer incompetence, and the gaffes just keep coming. How about that whole Paul Revere deal? She denied her slip-up the following day in an interview on Fox News the following day. This dingus will surely go down in history as one of the most laughable people to interview. Memorable interview: “I can see Russia from my house!"

Gary Busey The man’s brain may have been mangled by a motorcycle accident in the 80’s, but that doesn’t make anything he says any less funny. No one ever knows what will come out of this man’s mouth, be it in a calm studio setting or the red carpet. We salute you Gary. Memorable moment: Watch for the head flap.

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