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UPDATE: Interior Security Cameras

By Saketram Durbha in Student News - featured


School Board officials voted unanimously in a board meeting on May 8th to adopt changes to Board Policy and Superintendent Regulation ECA and ECA-R, permitting interior video surveillance cameras in common areas (e.g. hallways, entrances, and exits) of schools. They also approved the use of an estimated $1,453,027 of bond proceeds to install interior security cameras in all high schools with a vote of 4-3.

Board Member Shelly Benford, who was previously opposed to the policy over privacy concerns, had this to say before the vote:

“This is a big change for this district and I have been really proud of this district for not having a policy that has interior cameras as a part of it because I think for just a few years our kids have not been surveilled in ways that I think are intrusive and so, for me, even though [...] I will vote for this because I had a lot of input to it, this is a really sad night for me tonight, to approve this.”


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