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Voting Week for Executive Officers

By Rachel Grushan in Student News

Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 20th, is voting week for executive officers positions in student government. All voting will be done online on the Fairview website.

Positions that are being voted on are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The candidates are:

President: Lina Takahashi, Matt Stensrud, Suyog Soti

Vice President: Daniel Rahn, Julia Combs

Treasurer: Christine Schmiedeler, Haley Weinstein, Jaxson Whittle

Secretary: Molly Bush, Caroline Osborne

The positions of Head Boy and Head Girl have been changed to President and Vice President on the basis of gender neutrality.

“You should not have to declare your gender to be president of the school,” said Mrs. Kraemer, student government advisor.

This is the first year that voting is being held online instead of using paper ballots in the auditorium after listening to speeches. The reason behind this change has to do with scheduling.

“We wanted to have an assembly and online voting,” said Mrs. Kraemer. “But because of the PARCC schedule, administration asked us to just do it online. Next year it will be both.”

Voting online is also more efficient as it reaches more of the student body.

“We have people who may not be able to go to the assembly. An online form will encourage more participation so that it is a true democracy,” said Kraemer.

Students can vote at

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