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We Should Recognize Ramp Climbing as Gym Credit

By Webmaster in Humor


Students walking on the ramps.

Fairview students have only five minutes between classes to complete a long, treacherous trek up a steep slope, crowded with hundreds of students going every direction.

This amount of physical exhaustion from students is much greater than students from other schools, only having to deal with painless, horizontal hallways.

In order to distinguish the effort put in by Fairview students compared those of other schools, Fairview students should receive additional PE credits because of the ramps.

Some aspects of the idea might take a bit of blitz away from the PE department.

“I would think that would be a shame for the gym department, just because it’s a really well-run program, and it would be sad to see no one to get credit for that,” said junior Xander King.

Despite the morale of the PE department, some students would love to have some PE credits conceded for their routine athletic triumph.

“I think that would be okay because [there] is a lot of walking up and down the ramps,” said sophomore Greta Koenig.

Some think that additional in school activities should get PE credits.

“I just think [students in the] musical should get credit for dancing. It’s tiring,” said King.

Others have expressed that they want out of school activities to be easier to obtain.

“I think we live in an area in Boulder where there is so much to do, and there are things that are not traditional sports that we do not have here at Fairview, that you can do outside, that you should get credit for,” said parent Mary Strynar.

Fairview students should be recognized and compensated for this stupendous daily feat, but what do you think? Take our survey here.

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